The Stroll Show
The Stroll Show
Hosted by Paul Claro & Steven Girgenti.

The Stroll Show started as a podcast by two Brooklyn high school buds, Steve “The Flow” Girgenti & Paul “The C” Claro. Originally part of the now defunct Walk In Radio collective, where their name derives, the boys decided to hone their amazing BS’ing skills into interviewing local up & coming bands along with artists, & overall fascinating peeps. We are beyond pumped and grateful to be part of Radio Free Brooklyn and hope you’ll join us on Sundays @ 12pm for a chillaxing mid-morning stroll!

Listen LIVE every Sunday at 12:00 pm
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About Paul Claro & Steven Girgenti

Paul (The C) Claro – co-host & co-founder of The Stroll Show. Paul brings his own musical experiences as the drummer of Brooklyn band Cinema Cinema, he has played stages all around the world including a major US tour with Black Flag & a European tour with Martin Bisi.


Steven (The Flow) Girgenti – co-host & co-founder. Steve has spent the better part of his college career hosting an indie rock show on Penn State’s The Lion 90.7FM & has spent time at SiriusXM working on E Street Radio.

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