The Vibe From Mike’s House
Hosted by Mike Joseph.

Music geek Mike Joseph invites you into his “virtual” house, a place where the sounds are eclectic and inviting. Previously host of “The Jheri Curl Chronicles” on RFB, “Mike’s House” will expand the sonic palette to include a more diverse selection of genres, as well as songs that travel as far back as the ’60s and as near as the present day. Take off your shoes, grab a drink, and take a walk through music history at “Mike’s House”.

Listen every Saturday at 6:00 am
Category: Eclectic

About Mike Joseph

Mike Joseph is a certified music geek. He’s been in love with records since he was old enough to walk and talk, and has been collecting them since he got a Fisher-Price record player at the age of 5. Mike has worked as a DJ, a radio personality, a music journalist, a podcast host, a trivia host and has held down a corporate gig in the music business for nearly thirty years. In addition to being passionate about music, Mike is an activist for various issues, including diversity for BiPOC and LGBTQIA+ people, and mental health awareness.

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