The World is a Terrible Place
The World is a Terrible Place
Hosted by Ariel Speedwagon, CWag, and Jill Ariela.

Bringing you all the news that’s fit to scream about, THE WORLD IS A TERRIBLE PLACE is a weekly roundup of all the reasons you probably shouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. From international incidents to Park Slope perversions, your news team is here to make sure you get the very best in the very worst. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll cry some more!

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About Ariel Speedwagon, CWag, and Jill Ariela

Cassie Wagler is multimedia producer, teacher and Midwesterner. She loves dogs, dazzling conversations and being outside. She is a former and forever radio producer and host. Ariel Speedwagon is an emcee, bingo host, clown about town, theater artist, former Miss JewSA and all around nice guy whose work has been seen across downtown New York and beyond. Jill Ariela works at the intersection of arts, culture and the wildly profane as a creative producer, curator, and grant writer.

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