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This Music Hour
Hosted by John Raso.

It’s a new theme every week! Broadcasting live, host John Raso shares 59 minutes of music with something in common. Expect music from the 50’s to today and a wide range of genres. This Music Hour will be a good one.

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Category: Classic, Eclectic, Funk, Rock, Soul

About John Raso

John has been a denizen of NYC rock shows since he convinced his older sister to take him along to first rock show at the age of 8. This experience eventually lead to a career in the music industry doing publicity and marketing for records labels including SST and Atlantic as well as a stint at LiveNation. Today, John is an executive at music publishing rights administrator, The Harry Fox Agency. Four decades later, he still believes that a week without live music is just not a week worth having (this past year has been a tough one!).

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