Time to be Useless on Radio Free Brooklyn
Time To Be Useless
Hosted by Eric Speck.

Broadcast on Radio Free Brooklyn. Get “useless” with your host, Speck, and take walk through the wild and curious swamps of all things rock and roll – new, old, obscure, legendary and inspiring. This is a show specializing in indie rock, art rock, garage rock, post punk, punk rock, and psychedelic rock, all with a thoughtful dose of commentary, insight and a few yuks.

Listen every Tuesday at 6:00 am
Category: Psychedelic, Punk, Rock, Underground music

About Eric Speck

Your host, Speck, is the current creator and host of Convince Me To Like This Band podcast, the current booker of music at Double Parked Festival and Pet Shop bar in Jersey City. He is also the former yadda yadda in the independent and major label record business.

External Website: www.ConvinceMeToLikeThisBand.com

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