Welcome 2R House
Hosted by Jaime Arroyo aka DJ J.Luis.

Welcome 2R House is all about bringing music back to it’s core. The pure talent, passion and love for all things house music. There is a charm to music that has been forgotten with the advancement of technology and hardware, and it has become easy to forget about the time when the most advanced tools you could ever have were your ears and hands.

We do things right at “Welcome 2R House“. We spin everything live. No prerecording. No syncing programs. All taking place in the moment, just like real life.

Welcome 2R House.

Listen LIVE every Saturday at 6:00 pm
Category: House

About Jaime Arroyo aka DJ J.Luis

Jaime Arroyo aka J.Luis has played at some of the most well known clubs in New York at it’s peak in the 90’s House Era.

Jaime studied at The Center for Media Arts with a degree in Sound Engineering and Master Editing and quickly applied his knowledge and passion for music to live performances in New York City.

Co-producer of the Luna Project, J.Luis has a love for remixing the classics. Live. The art of remixing live music is where J.Luis is focusing his career while he continues to spread House music across the 5 boroughs.

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