What Is Love?
Hosted by Sasha Sugar.

What Is Love? is more than a talk-show, it is an honest reflection of Sasha Sugar’s quest for love and search for god. This show will make you feel vulnerable and it will free you from your comfort zone; it will also challenge your preconceived notions of love, divine, and life.
What Is Love? eliminates the boundary between a radio-show as a medium and a real life conversation. It is an authentic dialogue between Sasha and her amazing guests from different walks of life – spiritual healers, relationship experts, divine vessels, small business owners, practitioners of alternative lifestyles, inspirational gurus and other conscious beings.

If you would like to share your life story and engage with Sasha in a love- and truth-manifesting conversation, send an email at whatislove@radiofreebrooklyn.org.

It is a live show so the audience can call in during the show (718-928-9732) to ask Sasha and her guests about anything love/god related.


Listen LIVE every Sunday at 2:00 pm
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About Sasha Sugar

Sasha works in ad tech to pay for her $5 latte with oat milk. After work she chases divine all over New York; sometimes she looks within. Sasha is from Belarus – yes, she has a sexy Eastern European accent.
Sasha graduated with M.S. in Media Management from The New School and changed quite a few jobs here in U.S. Her favorite job was at a sex shop on Cape Cod, because she learned so much there. Sometimes Sasha puts her knowledge to practice.
Sasha’s purpose in life is to be the light of love. Plain and simple.

External Website: whatislove-nyc.com

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