What’s the Biz
Hosted by Monica Sekhmet Grant.

What’s the Biz? – produced, written and produced by Monica Sekhmet Grant- is a weekly independent business talk radio program that provides listeners with relevant business news, local business opportunities and engaging interviews with entrepreneurs from various industries. What’s The Biz will educate and inspire listeners to control of the economic future and purpose the wildest dreams.

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About Monica Sekhmet Grant

I create my own world.

I am living my best life

I look for ways to serve my community.

This mantra encompasses everything that is and will be Monica Grant’s legacy.

Drawing from her background as a community organizer, an artist, and self-made entrepreneur, she founded Young Boss Media to produce high-quality media content that has a positive and long-term socio-economic impact on millennials from under-represented communities.

Now on the fourth season of her self produced business talk show,” Master Plan” as well as the launch of numerous projects and businesses, including art exhibitions, an East Africa coffee company, and media training programs, Monica Sehkmet Grant has made good on her personal mantra and the mission statement by which Young Boss Media stands on.

What’s The Biz Radio Show is a fun extension of her Master Plan TV show allowing for longer conversations about small business ownership and investment opportunities for those new to entrepreneurship.

External Website: youngboss.tv

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