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Submit Your Show to Radio Free Brooklyn

Radio Free Brooklyn Group PhotoThanks for your interest in Radio Free Brooklyn! We accept shows on a rolling basis, according to availability on our schedule.

Live Shows: For shows accepted to do a live show (or pre-record using the RFB studio), all hosts and co-hosts must undergo a live 2 hour training session, as well as 4 hours of shadowing or supervised live broadcasting before the start of their show.

Pre-recorded Shows:  If you are submitting a show that you will pre-record from home or any studio other than RFB’s studio in Bushwick, you must also submit a sample of your show, or another recording that will give us a general idea of your familiarity with home recording. Additionally, you will be asked in the proposal submission form to describe your studio setup, including the types of mic(s) you will be using, as well as any additional equipment you have available – mixers, compressors, editing software, etc.

PLEASE NOTEWe are currently only accepting submissions for weekly shows. Acceptance will be based on a number of factors, including whether or not we have slots available that match your availability as indicated on your proposal.  Therefore, please include ALL times you would be available to broadcast, not just preferred times.  Additionally, all new hosts must meet with the RFB Management Team before your show receives final approval.   

Monday’s Live & New Shows

Live at 12:00 am

New show at 10:00 am

New show at 12:00 pm

New show at 1:00 pm

New show at 3:00 pm

Live at 4:00 pm

Live at 5:00 pm

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Live at 10:00 pm