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Hey Guys!

Hope you are keeping well and taking care of yourselves with what is happening in the world right now.

I moved over to Melbourne, Australia late last year to create and release new music and my family are all back in Sardinia which has been very hard hit. I’m speaking with them almost every day and I’m very grateful that they are healthy.

I hope you and your families are also keeping healthy and you are looking out for each other.

I came here for a reason and we will keep doing what we came here to do and that is create and release new music. What is happening right now in the world has given me intense drive to create more, not only for myself, but for my family, my team and everyone around the globe.

Now is a time to step up.

Today I have a new song for you to check out, the song is my latest release “Y” which released today March 27, 2020.

A Follow up to “2020” and “Reasöns”.

I hope the song helps bring some relief to those feeling anxious in this time of so much uncertainty and encourages people to look after each other.

If you vibe with this song, I would love for you to feature it and help us get the word out about the release. Every share helps.

We appreciate your support & we hope you are all looking out for each other and helping those you come across in need.

Lots of love, as always and stay safe.


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ThBenj – Y



Benjamin Di Ubaldo
Phone: +61 404 575 639

ThBenj – Y (Single)

“ThBenj drops latest Single Y”

AUSTRALIA, MELBOURNE (March 27, 2020) Singer, rapper, songwriter and producer ThBenj releases his third single for the year “Y”, a follow up to his most recent singles “2020” and “Reasöns” which dropped earlier this year.

Born in Sardinia, ThBenj built his career performing and working with other industry professionals throughout Australia, Ibiza, The Netherlands, Sardinia and Italy.

After spending the last few years on his home island where he wrote and recorded his debut album T.H.B. which released in June 2019, he is back in Melbourne and has set up his studio with a focus on creating and releasing new music for his listeners.

“Y” his latest release is an emotional & uplifting song which he hopes encourages people across the globe to notice and appreciate the simple things in life. With the spread of the COVID-19 virus he hopes the song will will bring some relief to the anxieties that a lot of people are feeling and encourage people to be there for each other.

“It is a time for each of us to set up, support each other, be kind and give to those in need”. We all play a part, we all have a responsibility”.

The song will release March 27, 2020, following the release of “2020” which hit radio stations in 8 cities in the USA, “Reasöns” and his debut album T.H.B. which hit number 1 on Google Play for Hip Hop in Italy when it released in June 2019 and was listed the number 1 album for 2019 by New Lease Music UK.

Previous singles to check out include “2020”, “Reasöns”, “Feelin’ It”, “Paranoid”, “Louder”, “Mumble Acid” and “Waiting for You”.

For further information, promo requests or to arrange an interview contact:

Benjamin Di Ubaldo
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BIOGRAPHY – Reasöns – ThBenj (Single)

ThBenj is a Melbourne based singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

So far his music journey has taken him as far as Australia, Ibiza, Netherlands and Italy where he has formed connections with fellow industry professionals.

His debut solo album T.H.B. released in June 2019 and hit number 1 on Google Play in the genre of Hip Hop in Italy and was also listed the number 1 album in 2019 on New Lease Music UK.

Pulling from his mixed genre background, T.H.B. delivered a futuristic sound, took listeners on a journey and touched on a variety of themes.

ThBenj has produced singles that have garnered attention from publications such as DOPE CAUSE WE SAID, Musical Notes Global and Hip Hop Daily.

Other notable features:
Google Play #1 for Hip Hop Italy
New Lease Music Listed T.H.B. number 1 Album in 2019
Hip Hop Daily
Spit Fire Hip Hop
CCG Network Radio “Waiting for You” hit number 1 on top 20 charts
International Radio (On Air Radio Interview)
CITR 101.9FM Radio
KALA 88.5 Radio Davenport IA, US
WTCC 90.7 Radio Springfield, MA, US
KQPI 99.5 Radio Arberdeen, IA, US
KYYO 96.9 Radio McCleary, WA, US
WFCS 107.7 Radio New Britain, CT, US
WJWC 97.3 Radio Grand Rapids, MI, US
WVST 91.3 Radio Petersburg, VA, US
WRSV 92.1 Radio Elm City, NC, US
WGNL 104.3 Radio Greenwood, MS, US
KCSB 91.9 Radio Santa Barbara, CA, US
KYZA 92.7 Radio Adelanto, CA, US
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